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Ice Panel

The Insulated Composite Envelope (ICE) panel is an engineered combination of EPS and galvanized steel – two well-known and accepted building materials. Its performance far exceeds what each component could achieve on its own. This combination results in a much lighter and stronger building envelope. The ICE Panel has impressive transverse and compression bearing capacities. The unique manufacturing process and connection details eliminate thermal bridging, making it the most efficient building envelope available on the market.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel has a high strength to volume ratio; this makes it great for versatile designs. It is environmentally stable, completely recyclable and has a 200+ year life expectancy.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is a rigid cellular plastic that is up to 97% atmospheric air. EPS has no trapped gases which create inflated R-values; this means no toxic off-gassing and a maintained R-value.

Reach High Levels of Energy Performance
without Sacrificing Your Living Space

When building to high performance standards, Greenstone offers the highest R-Values with less materials. This means that with ICE Panels, you preserve the square footage of your home, but your house maintains a high level of energy efficiency.

When comparing Greenstone’s ICE Panels to traditional wood framing, it becomes clear that less is more. As the performance standard rises, the ICE Panel achieves the R-value with less material than the traditional wood-framing method, making it a more cost-effective way to build.

Greenstone ICE Panels offer a reduced building footprint with reduced construction costs, and fewer steps to the building process.

ICE Panels vs Traditional Wood Framing

Consistent R-Values

Thermal Break: With Greenstone ICE panels, consistent R-values are achieved across the entire building envelope. There are no structural elements that bridge hot or cold exterior temperatures into your home.

Thermal Bridge: With traditional wood stud construction, the R-value is significantly lower at every stud location. Each stud is bridging hot or cold exterior temperatures into your home, dramatically decreasing the effective R-value.

Save Money Building Green

Average Monthly Cost to Heat a 2000sqft Home

Save Money Building Green

There are many ways to maximize your home's energy efficiency. LED Lighting, Energy Star Appliances, high performance windows and Solar panels are some of them. The #1 way to maximize your home's efficiency is to invest in a high-performance building envelope.

This means high R-values and air tight construction in your walls, roof and floor. Most heat loss in a typical home occurs through the walls and roof.

If you want to save money on your hydro bill- focus on those areas.

ICE Panels are a great investment and become competitively priced as R-value requirements go up. Because our insulation does not lose its R-value over time, the savings you achieve in heating and cooling your home will last for the life of your home.

Other ICE Panel Products


COMING SOON. Architectural concrete is cast to the ICE Panel, creating a lightweight, easily transported and installed insulated precast system. We have 2 pilot projects under way now! Check out our social media to see the progress on this new product.


COMING SOON. ICE EIFS panels have a recessed outside face allowing for EIFS finish to be installed directly onto the panel. We have a pilot project scheduled for late summer 2018. Check out our social media to see our progress on this new product.

R Panel

COMING SOON. Recycled EPS insulating material. We are serious about reducing our carbon footprint and recycle 100% of our waste EPS.

RS Panel

COMING SOON. Recycled EPS with a steel fastening face. Easy to install, premium insulation, budget friendly.

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