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Healthier Homes. Healthier Planet.

Building for community living offers a unique set of priorities and challenges. Quality, durability, safety and comfort are all attributes Greenstone can offer community environments. ICE Panels are manufactured in a factory quality-controlled process, with each one engineered, inspected measured and labelled. They have a lower risk of structural failure and higher performance than other building methods. ICE Panels can be engineered to meet additional requirements such as high wind loads, heavy snow loads, high seismic activity, or combinations of these.

ICE Panels are built for extreme environments. Their performance improves as the temperature differential increases. 

ICE Panels can, and often are, installed by community supplied labour. Greenstone offers hands-on training onsite for all skill levels. Greenstone believes being part of the building process is an important way to support the economy in each community.


• Creating jobs in remote communities through training and partnerships
• Healthy buildings – healthy living environments
• Comfortable, consistent temperatures
• No mould – no rot – no toxic off-gassing


• Reduced demand on raw natural resources & energy production
• Reduced Green house gas emissions


• Seven Generations - Buildings that last
• Economic improvement through building partnerships
• Reduced operational costs
• No Waste

Recycling at Greenstone

Pile to Panels

ICE Panels are custom manufactured for each Greenstone project in a quality-controlled environment. This means when your panels arrive onsite there is no cutting required and no waste to take to the landfill. Greenstone Brandon Plant recycles 100% of its waste. This may be cut off material, Panels that fail to meet quality standards, or panels used for testing purposes.

Our in-house recycling process involves regrinding the waste EPS and re-pressing it for use in our Recycled product line. Waste steel is cut out and sent for recycling offsite into other steel products.

Our Recycled Products

R Panel

COMING SOON. Recycled EPS insulating material. We are serious about reducing our carbon footprint and recycle 100% of our waste EPS.

RS Panel

COMING SOON. Recycled EPS with a steel fastening face. Easy to install, premium insulation, budget friendly

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